Workout Tips – The Top Ways To Make Your Workout More Efficient

Workout Tips – The Top Ways To Make Your Workout More Efficient

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Workout Tips – The Top Ways To Make Your Workout More Efficient

Posted: Dec 30, 2011 |Comments: 0


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Most individuals rest way too long in between exercises. This is problem with most people who exercise. Whether it’s because they need the extra rest, or they are lifting too much weight.

If you are out of shape or have not worked out in a while, then I understand taking a few extra minutes to catch your breath. The people who have been working out consistently, I recommend the rest period be no more than one minute. I will tell you why one minute is all you need to rest the muscles between sets. I like to exercise at a quicker pace than most individuals. I do this in order to get my heart rate up, also I get a tremendous pump. I will let you know, you have to be in decent shape to exercise like this.

It also helps to burn fat working out at a faster pace. So between the muscle pump, heart rate and burning fat, I’m able to get all these great benefits by exercising more efficient. Plus I save myself a lot of time by moving through my routine much quicker. Give it a try next time you workout at home or at the gym. You should see a big difference in your endurance, muscle growth and the time you save by working out at a faster pace.

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Aerobic exercise should be considered when looking to lose weight and build endurance. If the person is just doing exercises like the treadmill or weight lifting, one might want a change in their routine. I like to do aerobic exercise on my days of from lifting weights. It works other parts of the body, burns fat and definitely helps your endurance. This in turn helps you move faster through your exercise routine.

I always like to point out strength training helps you to not only build muscle, but if done correctly helps to burn fat also. That’s why when strength training or weight lifting the individuals rest period between sets is important, if that person wants the benefit of muscle growth and weight loss.

You can have both if you’re willing to work hard for it. The more efficient you can get through your workout, the faster you will see the benefits. Also, make sure on your rest days you are getting the proper nutrition and eating right. You’re diet is important for muscle growth, endurance and weight loss.

I hope individuals that are reading this article understand that the amount of time spent resting in between exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. Learn how to workout more efficient and you will be happy with the results.

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