Use Cooling Down Exercises to Avert Injuries, Remain Healthier

Use Cooling Down Exercises to Avert Injuries, Remain Healthier

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Use Cooling Down Exercises to Avert Injuries, Remain Healthier

Posted: May 05, 2012 |Comments: 0


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A few years previously I remember a track coach I had who, after a very demanding run, if a person stopped to rest he would make them keep moving by virtually pushing them to continue with a cooling down period.  As it felt so much better to flop down and recover in a prone position, I believed he was merely being nasty.  Well, he was a nasty guy, but it turns out he knew what he had been talking about.

Lots of people prefer to employ a cool down period simply because it seems like that is a part of a good workout.  However the main reason we all should do it is to help normalize blood flow.  Whenever we perform a strenuous high intensity workout our blood vessels expand in our legs, sending more blood into the feet and legs.  At the time you stop exercising suddenly your heart rate slows down and blood that was sent to your lower body remains there, causing lightheadedness and occasionally fainting.

It can happen for anyone, but the possibility is greater for top-level athletes, as their hearts rates generally slow quicker and their veins are capable of holding increased blood.  It’s basically been recognized as a myth that going through a slow down period will prevent muscle soreness.  There are other solutions to help you with that, like eating berries which contain polyphenols and types of foods that have essential fatty acids like salmon.

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So now you are persuaded that cooling down is vital after those cardio workouts, what are a few methods to correctly cool down following your workout?  To cool down following power walking, reduce your tempo in the final five to ten minutes.  Following a run, break right into a brisk walk.  After swimming, reduce the speed and vary from your normal stroke. 

The concept should be to be kind to your body and never put it through any sort of shock procedures.  Move into the exercise routines gradually and then back down just as slowly.  At times you may have to become somewhat innovative if you have an inclination to trim warm ups and cool downs out.  I do know people who, rather than driving to the fitness center, briskly walk to it.  The only real way to get home for them will be a cool-down hike.  It could appear unimportant, but your system is going to thank you in the long run.

Some people feel stretching is all which is required for the cool down workouts.  It may certainly become a part of your agenda, but you are not actually regulating blood flow through only stretching.  It will help your performance and reduce the possibility for injury, as putting your joints and muscles through a total range of motion will help.  Particularly if you have an injured or tight muscle, stretch it out but only after you have warmed up.

By incorrectly stretching within your cool down segment, you can make that muscle issue worse.  Hold the stretch for approximately 30 seconds, or you don’t get the full benefit of the stretch.  Don’t bounce, but always keep it gentle and by no means stretch to the time when you are in pain.

About the Author:
After those Fat Burning Cardio Workouts you must give your body a chance to regulate itself to a more normal pace.  Our site not only talks about diet and exercise, but also Ways to Work Out safely, as nothing really matters if your’re down with an injury.  Rich Carroll is a writer and health advocate living in London.
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