Try these Four Exercises for a Complete Body Workout

Try these Four Exercises for a Complete Body Workout

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Fitness > Try these Four Exercises for a Complete Body Workout

Try these Four Exercises for a Complete Body Workout

Posted: May 31, 2012 |Comments: 0


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There are far more strength training workout routines that may be done than there are actually muscle groups within the body, and to know which one affect which muscle group would be a lengthy assignment.  So we’ve selected four of our favorites, primarily since taken jointly they cover most of the muscle groups, and second since all of them individually work out several locations.  All but one qualify as exercises on gaining muscle without weights, so for these you do not even need to go to the health center.

1.            Lat pull down.  The only drill that requires a machine, you sit with thighs braced and reach overhead to a bar that is attached to a weight stack.  The movement will be initiated through pulling the bar down to underneath your chin, and completing the exercise by returning to the first location.  An alternative to this will be to lower the bar towards the back of your neck, which is great for the upper back, however should be done using less weight.

The value of the lat pull down relates to the muscular work around your elbows and shoulder joints.  These exercises are much like chin-ups, although with the machine you’ve greater control of the weight which is applied.

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2.            Lunges. To execute this, stand with the feet shoulder-width spaced out, and then step ahead.  Your front knee must be at 90 degrees, and the motion is continued until the rear knee touches the floor.  The movement is concluded by progressing up to the standing pose lifting using the front leg.

These exercises are great for the gluteal muscle groups and the quadriceps, as well as keeping the hips and hamstrings flexible.  Numerous variations could be done that will lead to other muscle groups to play, such as the use of small weights, either small dumbbells in each hand or barbells.  But this would only be recommended for trainers that are more advanced.

3.            Pushups.  Also known as the press-up, this is a familiar exercise performed within a horizontal posture by raising and lowering the body using the arms.  The exercise greatly benefits your pectoral muscles, the anterior deltoids and also the triceps, with some added gain to the core midsection as a whole. 

As with all of our workouts, lots of variations for the pushup could be done, either for exercisers that are more advanced or individuals unable to support their weight.  More advanced varieties will be elevating the feet, placing your knuckles on the floor instead of the hands, plus supporting your weight with your fingertips.  For those less advanced, wall pushups, knee pushups and chair pushups are intended to place reduced weight with the workout.

4.            Squats.  This exercise is considered fundamental in support of increasing the size and strength of your buttocks and legs in addition to increasing strength of your core.  Beginning in the standing position, your hips will be moved back and the knees bent to the point where your hips are at least to a height of the knees, and if possible lower.  After that using the legs go back to the initial place.

Both dumbbells in each hand or barbells across your shoulders can be utilized, and this exercise not only builds strength within this region of the body, but creates greater overall flexibility within the knees and hips.  There has been some controversy with the drill causing injuries to the spine and knees.  Like most exercise, particularly strength training for beginners, you will need to recognize your limitations and ease into it gradually and using the correct form.

About the Author:
Exercises that work various muscle groups are great for everyone, but usually is a favorite Strength Training for Beginners.  Some can be classified as How to Gain Muscle without Weights such as push ups or squats.  Learn more about it on our website.  Rich Carroll is a health enthusiast and writer living in London.
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