Live Healthy, Eat Food with less Cholesterol Content

Live Healthy, Eat Food with less Cholesterol Content

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Live Healthy, Eat Food with less Cholesterol Content

Posted: Dec 18, 2011 |Comments: 0


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Cholesterol is a natural waxy steroid of fat which is produced by the body. A common misconception is that cholesterol is bad for the body. That is not true. The cholesterols which are bad for the body are the ones which are excessive. A lot of cholesterol build up in the body would make a person very fat. Cholesterol has been proven lethal to the body because high levels of it could damage the arteries. Cholesterol mix with blood and they are the ones which could be blamed for cardiac diseases. They pile up in the arteries which make the flow of blood very difficult.

For a person to avoid this, he must have a very nice diet which could remove the excessive cholesterol in his body. This is probably the best way to deal with excessive cholesterol. A person must have to revolutionize his diet plans. He would have to remove all those junk food which provide a lot of cholesterol and replace them with healthy foods.

 Healthy foods are healthy because they make the person strong and immune from some illnesses. Some foods also reduce cholesterol naturally. The first types of food which should be eaten are oats. There are a lot of oatmeal products which a person could buy. Oats could lower the level of cholesterol by five percent in just a few weeks. Oats are best eaten in the morning because they are full of energy. A person needs energy so that he would be active for the day. Fruits should be eaten along with those oats because they contain energy and vitamins as well.

After eating lunch and supper, a person must drink red wine. Red wine has been proven effective in digestion and helps reduce the cholesterol level especially if a person loves to eat meat. People who drink red wine have noticed that their cholesterol levels are reduced. If a person does not like wine, he could drink tea. Tea is used by people after eating. Tea has also been proven to aid in digestion and the extracts from those tea leaves also help reduce the cholesterol level in a body. The next things that a person should eat are types of fish which are very rich in omega 3. That mineral is very powerful in reducing the cholesterol level and they are good for the heart.

About the Author:
These are the foods which should be a part of a cholesterol diet. A person who undergoes a low cholesterol diet has better chances of living.
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