Is Walking Enough To Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

Many times you are told that walking is enough to lose weight and is a good exercise.  Then at times contrary evidence points out that walking alone is not enough.  Is walking alone going to be enough to reach your fitness goals?  The reality is that it depends on what your personal fitness goals are.

For weight loss, walking is better than not walking.  While there are more intense forms of exercise that could burn more calories per hour than walking, many of these are hard for overweight and unfit people to do.  Walking will help burn some calories since it’s an exercise that most people are able to do.  If your fitness goals are to lose some extra weight, walking along with a healthy diet will eventually be enough.

If your goal is to be fit, that is physically athletic and strong, walking will not do this for you.  There comes a point that walking will not take much effort.  You could be able to walk 5 or 10 miles but have difficultly with other forms of fitness.  There is very little strength training while walking and hardly any high endurance.  If you want to challenge the body’s fitness levels, walking is not enough.  There will need to be some high endurance exercises as well as strength training to build muscle to start being more fit.

If you want to eventually challenge your fitness levels and heart rate, you will have to start doing a bit more than walking.  Try walking mixed in with some jogging and gradually improve from there.

If walking all you can do, that’s a great place to start.  Always remember though that it’s difficult to out walk a bad diet.  If you aren’t eating right, you won’t have enough time in the day to burn off extra calories from a bad diet.

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