How to Build Muscle Fast: Establishing the Best Workout Plan to Achieve Results

How to Build Muscle Fast: Establishing the Best Workout Plan to Achieve Results

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How to Build Muscle Fast: Establishing the Best Workout Plan to Achieve Results

Posted: Dec 21, 2011 |Comments: 0


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Are you taking the step to lose all that fat and change it into jaw-dropping muscles that simply pop out? But before we can start getting some work done, let’s establish something first.  As we all know, muscle building involves doing all sorts of activities and piecing them together for it to be successful. One of those things in your need-to-do checklist is to strategize an appropriate workout duration. So how to build muscle fast with regards to planning on how long and how intense the training will be? Sit back and I’ll show you how!

But first, I have a question to ask. Are you one of the many people who think that dedicating massive hours at the gym would speed up the whole process? Well, I guess you need to change that mindset. Honestly, isn’t it rather overwhelming spending all those numerous hours just to workout? You’ll probably get so daunted with that thought and as a result, you’ll probably quit the whole thing before you even started doing it. Believe me, to get quality results; you shouldn’t rush the whole process.

When you’re first starting out, your muscles are brittle and weak and it’s likely that they would injure easily under such heavy strain.  Instead of crazily hurrying on to a heavy-duty type of training, you should take the time to condition your muscles first. In that way, you’d be stabilizing adequately them thus preventing further injury when you do your routines. So it’s best to start with a lighter load before progressing to heavier ones to help the muscles adapt. Also, another important thing to remember is to make sure that you get enough rest. Schedule your sessions at around three or four times a week. In between, you should have a day or two, which is solely dedicated to letting the body, unwind. Why is this important? You see, providing adequate breathing space allows time for the body to repair the injured muscles and fortify them in the long run. This is also a great moment to permit new muscles to grow. So pushing the body way too much would only serve to impede the developmental and reparation process.

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So okay, now you know how often you should schedule your sessions. The next thing to tackle on is determining the duration for each training. Well, here’s a simple biology lesson for you. When you’ve done about forty-five minutes of extreme and tiring workout, you’re body releases a hormone called cortisol. Why this happens is because it’s the body’s way to continue supplying you with enough energy to last through the entire activity. While that may sound great but to be honest, it’s one thing you should avoid. Cortisol uses your muscular tissues to act as a power source by breaking it down. So all that hard work that you’ve been doing to build-up quality mass will end up in the drain. To avoid this situation, it is best to limit your sessions to at most an hour.

With such a limited time to workout, how can we best optimize our training to ensure that we still meet our objectives? Definitely one certain tip to remember on how to build muscle fast despite those time constraints is to add in compound exercises to your training regime. Now these exercises are great, especially for beginners, as it works to fire-up dozens of muscle groups and giving that full body workout in no time. With more and more muscles stimulated to work together, the drills are more intense and powerful. So if you need to bulk-up fast, these exercises come pretty handy.

So to end this, a surefire way on how to build muscle fast is to properly systematize your bodybuilding sessions. Plan short yet intense type of training so that it can still ensure quality muscle gains without jeopardizing your health. Muscle building can be quite a demanding and challenging experience, so it’s best to think how you’re going to approach it effectively. So keep these things in mind when you finally outline your training plans. As it will ensure progress as well as solidify your path towards gaining prime and quality muscle.

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