Health & Fitness Centre

Health & Fitness Centre

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Health & Fitness Centre

Posted: Mar 15, 2012 |Comments: 0


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In this article:

Why should single people pay particular attention to their health?

What would be a good starting point to adopting a healthier lifestyle?

How can getting fit and losing weight help?

What about individual sports?

How can others help?

As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do?

How can I help others?

Summary & Suggestions for further learning through this website

Why should single people pay particular attention to their health?
Single people are particularly susceptible to the negative impact social isolation can have upon the human condition. Social isolation can result in the development of emotional, behavioural and physical disorders which include:



Panic attacks

Eating disorders


Substance abuse

Aggressive behaviour

Physical illness and disease (a range of health conditions, some of which can be serious and even life-threatening).

Adopting a healthier lifestyle which combines a nutritious, balanced diet with regular exercise can serve as a protective shield against all these problems.

What would be a good starting point to adopting a healthier lifestyle?
Make the decision to do so. Simply by being aware that you need to address your long term physical and mental health now you are taking a critical step towards protecting yourself from developing a range of health conditions and diseases.

As we have seen, the social isolation that so many single people fall victim too, simply through not being in a relationship (and all that involves) and also through not being actively involved in family life (unless you are a single parent), can result in poor physical and mental health.

In terms of lifestyle changes you could make, things you could do immediately are:

If you smoke, begin the process of trying to stop

Reduce your alcohol consumption levels

Keep your salt intake to a minimum

Try to avoid stress as much as possible (this can lead to long term conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases)

How can getting fit and losing weight help?
The benefits of maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly are enormous. Protecting yourself from the problems of social isolation (due to being single) is just one of them. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you to:

Feel better physically and mentally

Increase your self-esteem

Boost your self-confidence

Sleep better

Have more energy

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Make new friends

And more…

Though losing weight, growing in confidence and enjoying increased self-esteem you will very quickly start to feel so much better not only about life but also about yourself. Also, others will notice and recognise the positive change in you – your attitude, your demeanour, your take on life – where others can only see problems, you will see solutions. This will mark you out as someone that others wish to know, to be around – an energised, bright, positive and optimistic person who others will enjoy the company of and seek out.

What about individual sports?
Not all of us are team players. That’s where individual sports come in. If you wish to feel better physically and mentally through adopting a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t fancy a team sport or group activity, then why not give any of these individual sports a try:


Martial arts



Snow boarding



And many others…

Whichever sport you opt for, making it part of your week can give you something to look forward to and improve at. Above all, enjoy it!

How can others help?
Explain to family, friends and close work associates that you have taken the decision to change your outlook and therefore your life for the better. You are going to do this through adopting a healthier lifestyle which combines a balanced diet with regular exercise. For this reason, you will need to focus upon yourself at certain times during the week.

Many single people find they are asked to cover the shifts of their colleagues at work (who are in relationships and have families, etc.) simply because they are free and ‘available’. It is assumed that they won’t mind working late or manning the office on a Saturday because they would have ‘nothing better to do’. This is a trap you should avoid at all costs.

Set clear demarcation lines between your home, work and social lives – and let others know that you are not always available for extra work shifts, childminding, etc. Be sure to always ‘put yourself in the equation’ and don’t be afraid to say No. Time can pass very quickly and do you really want to look back upon your life years from now and regret that you did not put yourself first much more?

As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do?
If you are single and would love to participate in life much more, there are so many things you can do to make this happen.

Here are just a few ways to meet new people:

Join a Singles group

Do volunteering

Throw a party

Enrol on a college course

Join a drama society, a dance school or a book club

Join and become active on Social Networking Websites on the Internet

Change your job

There are so many options when it comes to giving yourself the chance to meet new people, it would be impossible to list them all here. But from the aforementioned options alone, you can see that there really is no excuse for sitting at home, wondering if you will ever make new friends, or even find a meaningful long-term relationship. The key is to get out there and give a new activity, hobby or interest (or two!) a go. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Finally, and before we summarise and look at suggestions for further learning through this website, let’s now consider how you can help other single people.

How can I help others?
Share your knowledge. Explain to other singles how though embarking upon an exciting health & fitness journey your life has been improved in so many ways, and so theirs could too. Through sharing all that you have learned you will also find this helps you to consolidate your own learning.  

Also, tell others about the Chemist Online Health & Fitness Centre! The wealth of useful and up-to-the-minute information available here is changing people’s lives every day – for the better.

Let’s summarise now and then look at some suggestions for further learning through this website.

Through reading this article in Zone 2 of the Centre you have gained an understanding into why adopting a healthy lifestyle which combines a balanced diet with regular exercise is particularly beneficial for single people – due to them being more susceptible to suffering from poor physical and mental health as a result of being more socially isolated. You have also learned all about the options open to single people who wish to become more socially active – both in the sphere of health & fitness, and in life in general.

Now learn more!
To find out even more about how adopting a healthier lifestyle can impact positively on your life, please click on any of these links:

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over 50s

Health & fitness for parents    
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Health & fitness in retirement

All information on the Chemist Online Health and Fitness website is for information only. Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight-loss, fitness or exercise.

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