Get Extra from Your Workout in Less Time with Hiit

Get Extra from Your Workout in Less Time with Hiit

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Get Extra from Your Workout in Less Time with Hiit

Posted: Jun 23, 2012 |Comments: 0


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High-intensity interval training, also referred to Hiit, is a type of aerobic exercise that’s intended to enhance glucose metabolism, increase fat burning as well as improve general conditioning.  These workouts are going to differ from standard cardio work as they will involve quick bursts of intensive effort with reduced intensity cardio as a sort of a “rest period”.  Workout routines could be as low as nine minutes or as high as twenty minutes. 

Improving metabolism of glucose becomes important, as glucose is a simple sugar that is the main control for the central metabolic hormone, which is insulin.  The level of blood sugar will be the most important indication to the insulin-producing cells.  If blood sugar can be allowed to rise over a period of time, there can be increasing damage which may be happening throughout the body.  It’s thought that Hiit cardio working out when achieved with a regular basis will help in metabolizing glucose and maintaining it at controllable amounts.

Although as significant as glucose metabolism is to our bodies, it likely gets somewhat mundane for people looking for a little more with their workout.  The majority of us will be looking for results in our exercising which we are able to stare in the mirror and see. There are a lot of experts that think that Hiit training with the proper intensity is going to burn fat well after the workout is over and you’re in the recovery stage.  The claim is that you will be burning fat when you are watching TV later than if you had spent a larger period of time on the treadmill with a moderate pace.

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Another aspect of Hiit training is its capacity to utilize fast-twitch muscles.  There are a couple of types of muscle fibers: fast twitch and slow twitch.  Our muscle groups tend to adopt the qualities needed to do the exercises we perform.  A long distance runner trains with a sustained, steady pace that calls for muscles that are long, lean and slow twitch for transporting the person over extended distances.  The sprinter has fast-twitch muscles which carry additional muscle mass.  During the Olympics this summer check out the difference in the two body variations: sprinter vs. marathoner.

With time in our aerobic training, our bodies will adjust to the type of exercise we do.  Because muscle tissue will be one of the things we want for keeping our metabolism up and our weight down, we will not like our muscle mass to be getting slimmer.  Lengthy, methodical cardio are going to have a tendency to do this.

Of course not everyone agrees with this.  In a study it was established that Hiit had been less helpful as opposed to with traditional cardio exercise.  It found that a program which elicited elevated fat oxidation rates in addition increased considerably insulin sensitivity.  This obviously will go against what we’re trying to accomplish.  We should note, nevertheless, that the participants from the study had been sedentary and obese previous to the study, so there may well be other things involved.

We’ll stand by what most experts accept as true that this sort of interval cardio training for most folks is going to provide many benefits to their health.  But it is imperative that the individual must be certain they’ll not have health issues that could lead to more significant problems.  In other words, get a physical prior to starting.

About the Author:
Hiit training has been advocated by many physical fitness trainers as a great means of Interval Cardio Training.  Learning How to Raise Metabolism is a key part of losing weight and maintaining health.  Rich Carroll is a writer and health advocate living in London.
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