Fitness Destination Of Healthy Person

Fitness Destination Of Healthy Person

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Fitness Destination Of Healthy Person

Posted: Jul 02, 2012 |Comments: 0


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Every person in this world wants health and every healthy person set his fitness destination for healthy life. The human body is is quit capable to increase every day and week. With regular tanning and exercise human body can not only increase his muscles but also remain healthy.

How to be fit man

There are many ways to be fit and smart but nowadays major problem is time .Most of the people have not spare time that they can join a gymnasium or on other way went for exercise in a park or can swim. Although swimming is  one of the best way to be fit and healthy but problem is same time .

 Weight Bench Exercise Benefits

Weight bench is one of good exercise which you can do quiet easily even at home because weight bench is very useful exercise for the stabilization and exercise with full range of motion.  Although you can do the exercise by simply laying on ground or kneeling on the floor, but the bench help you that you can extend your limbs fully without hitting the floor. If you use weight bench for exercise it will work for all of your major muscle groups and body.

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Weight Bench Exercise

There are many ways to use weight bench for different  exercises but few of use full exercises are as follow.

Bench Press

                   Bench press exercise is useful for shoulders, chest and triceps. This exercise can be done by laying on bench while your back on bench and by holding  barbell with your arms straight above  your chest. But keep in mind that your feet must be on the floor on the side of bench. Now you have to press your back towards the bench now bend your elbow and move towards your chest. Inhale oxygen when you move your elbow towards chest and exhale co2 when move your elbow away from chest .Repeat the procedure again and start it with small intervals. One thing is important that you should not hold your breath during the exercise because this will cause ti increase your BP. You can do the exercise on bench with 5 to 10 repetitions. You can decrease the weight if you find difficulty to continue exercise . You cand gradually increase the repetitions , set and weight.Similarley there are also other ways of different exercises which includes single arm row,tap squat and spotting etc. 

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Fitness is good for every one and bench press help to maintain this fitness
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