Elliptical Exercise Machines – How To Find The Right One

Elliptical exercise machines have become quite popular among the physical fitness crowd.  Used extensively in health clubs, they are making inroads in the home exercise market as well. So, let’s see what the buzz is about.

Advantages of Elliptical Exercise Machines – These units combine cardiovascular and strength training in one device.  With variable resistance settings, they can be adjusted to match your fitness progress.  Both upper and lower body are worked.  And the workout for legs and glutes is greater than what you will get from walking or running.

With an elliptical machine at home, you no longer need to waste time commuting to and from a health club. And, compared to outdoor running, an elliptical machine eliminates the physical shock to your knees and feet.  Weather is not an issue. Personal safety is enhanced..

Seven keys to finding the right one for you:

1. Size to fit in your space: These units cannot be folded for storage.  They take up more vertical space than many other exercise devices, so check carefully if you have low ceilings.

2. Design/Construction: Solid construction will increase a sense of stability during use and improve durability in the long run.  From a power standpoint, these machines require either AC (plug in) or battery.  The better units, as a rule, are AC powered.

3. Comfort: Take a test drive at a store that carries elliptical machines.  In particular, avoid units that produce discomfort in knees and hips.

4. Ease of use: Look for easy to read displays and simple controls that change programming and resistance levels and in some cases stride length.

5. Extra features: Many elliptical machines come with heart-rate monitors and programming options to suit your fitness level. The best heart rate monitors attach with a chest strap.  Helpful features also include beverage holders and book holders.

6. Price/warranty: How much will you pay? Is shipping included? Can you pay over time with deferred interest? Are parts and labor covered under warranty?

7. Customer reviews: Check online to see what users have to say. Be sure to read multiple reviews to gain diverse perspective.

Safety caution: Young children especially are vulnerable to injury from the moving parts of exercise equipment.  Keep them safely away from the machines, especially during use.

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