Don't want to workout – With This Workout You Will Want To

Don't want to workout – With This Workout You Will Want To

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Don't want to workout – With This Workout You Will Want To

Posted: Jan 31, 2012 |Comments: 0


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Actually this is a very sensitive point for some people to talk about. Sometimes we all get that feeling of “I don’t want to work out”, but luckily this can be overcome if you set your mind to it. It is difficult if your  staying high up in a apartment and wants to do some kind of exercise routine but struggle do get the effort to put on some exercise clothing to do some jogging. And off course it can be dangerous sometimes as well to roam around the streets these days without getting mugged.

Now do you get a kind of workout routine for people who like their television allot who don’t want to workout? People are making plans do get some exercises in their daily lifestyle, how many times did you see people walking when talking on their cell phones instead of sitting down or just stand at one place. You are exercising and you don’t even know it. Research has shown that just by walking more everyday makes you burn fat, that’s on the long run of course and depends on your weight but at least your doing something.

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Some people will rather use the stairs if they have a choice between an elevator and stairs, that’s burning fat people. If you are going to the mall or parking area, how many of us are trying to get a parking place close to the entrance because they don’t want to workout. Don’t we all do it sometimes, especially if you’re in a hurry. Try parking your vehicle a bit further away from the entrance than usual. That way you have to walk a bit further but at least your benefiting big time. Even your muscles are going to get a workout, because you are going to leave the trolley and carry those shopping bags right. See how easy it is to get a workout.

Lets look at the Sunday afternoon football games, you know… those games that keep you stuck in your favorite chair for hours at a time. There must be another way to do some kind of exercise if you don’t want to workout. Lets say your sitting in your chair watching great football, your legs are stretched in front of you, lift both legs from the floor up while bending them fully in one motion. Put your feet down on the carpet or floor and stretch them again, do the whole routine again. This will work great for those abdominal muscles of yours.

Here is my favorite exercise for your calves if you don’t want to workout. If you have children, let them sit on your knees with your feet touching each other. Lift your ankles from the floor at the same time, hold for about 3 seconds and slowly go down. Repeat for about 15 repetitions.

There are so many ideas and ways to do some training to satisfy your muscle, just be creative if you don’t want to workout.

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