Cardio Workout Machines To Choose From

Cardio Workout Machines To Choose From

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Cardio Workout Machines To Choose From

Posted: Mar 05, 2012 |Comments: 0


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Exercising from home has it’s advantages. It gives you an element of privacy, plus over the long-run it’s cost effective. A cardio workout machine is an important part of any home gym. However, deciding which one to purchase can be challenging with all the options available nowadays. The best approach is to choose an exercise that you enjoy doing.

Not only must you decide which type of cardio workout machine to buy, but you also have to decide on the brand and model. Each type has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. While setting a budget is certainly important, spending a little extra on a higher quality machine might be best long-term. The following are some of the most popular cardio machines out there.

The treadmill has long been one of the most used pieces of cardio equipment available. Every fitness gym around at least has one. It’s ideal for those who enjoy walking or jogging, but would rather stay indoors or avoid inclement weather conditions. They also have an incline feature that simulates going up a hill. Plus, the speed of the treadmill can be increased at any point in the workout if you want to walk or run faster.

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Another highly popular cardio workout machine is the elliptical trainer. It’s a low impact exercise that places little stress on the joints, as opposed to jogging. Another advantage is that it works various muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Some of the more expensive ellipticals also have an incline to increase the intensity. As with treadmills, you can choose from a variety of resistance levels to get the workout you want. Look for the ones that have the features that you value.

The rowing machine is similar to the elliptical in that it exercises the upper and lower body. However, the intensity of this workout in general is greater. Not only does it burn a lot of calories, but helps tone the legs, arms, and core. In fact, on average, rowing can burn 500 calories an hour. Before you tackle an intense exercise such as rowing, it’s critical that you have the proper warm-up so your muscles are well-prepared.

Keep in mind that while buying a cardio workout machine is a big step in the right direction, everything else depends on your commitment. It won’t do any good if it’s just sitting there and collecting dust. At the very least, exercise 3 days per week.

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